Nick Fellingham
Experienced entrepreneur and software engineer with a passion for immersive technology. Expertise ranging from machine learning to UX design. Confident team builder and sales person.
Dan Fairs
20 years experience as engineering lead at multiple startups and corporates. Previously led the backend team at Twitter that delivered live streaming video globally.
Dr Ollie Feroze
PhD in computer vision. Expertise in applied machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Experienced in leading research in commercial applications.
Andy Littledale
Director of Operations
Entrepreneur with 20 years experience including a high profile exit to Twitter as CEO of TV analytics startup in 2014.
Will Andrew
PhD in Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Specialist in deep learning pipelines.
Diana Antic
Engineering Mathematics MSc. Specialist in mathematical modelling.
Arthur Muddiman
BA in Games Technology. Specialist in Unity and Unreal Engine Development.
Ethan Dickson
MPhil Computer Science and Informatics. Full stack Enginneer.
Rob Charlwood
Lead Platform Engineer
Full stack Engineer with 15 years experience in Software Engineering, DevOps and Operability.
Torran Elson
Lead Computer Vision Engineer
MSc in theoretical physics & chartered mathematician. Experience developing computer vision algorithms for autonomous vehicles.
Krzysztof Chwiolka
BSc in Games Technology - Computer Science
Unity and Game Engine developer.
Dora Szabados
Experienced web, app and 3D designer with background in B2B marketing.
Andrew Calway
Technical Advisor
Professor of Computer Vision at University of Bristol.