Capture & live-stream volumetric video.

Distribute at scale into

Unity, Unreal Engine, ARKit & ARCore.

Powering next generation 3D consumer experiences 
Augmented reality for sports
A completely new way to view your favourite sports. Enhancing the traditional TV experience.
Virtual events
Live performances broadcast into your own home. Bringing you closer to the event.
A more engaging way to learn remotely using augmented or virtual reality.
Social integrations
Live-stream volumetric video into social apps like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.
Enhanced stadium experiences
Offer unique shared experiences to large live audiences.
TV/Film production
Place people, animals and objects into virtual worlds in real-time.
Our software is optimised using deep learning. Our capture rigs are portable, scalable and don't require green screens. Our volumetric video is broadcast quality and streams in real-time.

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